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River Level at Waharoa

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While most of the monitoring sites record data every 5 minutes, data is only retrieved from the monitoring sites every 30 minutes.


  • The information on this page is provisional. For more detailed information contact Waikato Regional Council. Data is at NZ Standard Time (no allowance is made for daylight saving).

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Interesting facts
Early warning:47.0 m above river level reference
Continuous records began:1984
Catchment area:122 square km
Highest recorded river level:47.242 m on April 14th 2017
Lowest recorded river level:45.23 m on February 9th, 1984
Site information
Site name:Waharoa on the Waitoa River
Site number:1249.38
Map reference:NZTM:1841868 - 5817036
River level reference:Tararu mean sea level datum